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Women Must Know This Single Exercise For A More Beautiful Chest

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Hello ladies! 😊 Have you been working on your #push-ups lately? I want all of you to know that this is one very important exercise to not only help you lose weight but fix your posture and give you a better looking chest. Yes! I mean it a lot too! You want to develop a nice looking upper body by doing this one simple exercise. 💪

When I train women for the first time, I can definitely say that almost none of them have done #push-ups on a regular basis before they met me. 😢 So when they come train with me I always pick different ways to challenge them. I listed a few different sample pictures of the different types of push-ups one can do:

The very bottom picture was my client from long ago. Another client of mine demonstrates how difficult this type of #push-up can be. I recorded a video of her below:

Hope you enjoyed this blog. And cheers to your success!


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