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Why Sit-Ups Are Wasting Your Time

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Most of my clients always ask me what are the best #ab work-outs to make their #abs show. I also hear of stories where clients will try to do as many sit-ups as possible to shred the fat from their stomach. However, such ab work-outs are not very effective in burning stomach fat. In fact, the ab muscles are not very large compared to your other larger muscles of the body so when you do things like sit-ups, you won't be burning as many calories as you would let's say when you are squatting or bench pressing. So when you are working your stomach muscles, I wouldn't try to focus on fat-burning, rather do them to simply keep your core strong.

For me personally, to keep things interesting for my clients, I like to pick different core work-outs that really focus on the strength-building and the calorie-burning that your stomach muscles can generate. Sit-ups are definitely good at building stomach muscle strength, but I normally make my clients do either more basic work-outs that require no movement at all, or extremely difficult tasks that forces the stomach muscles to really use all it has to execute the core exercises. I provide two examples below:


Planks are extremely simple yet extremely effective. I recommend you do at least 2 minutes without struggle for strong abs


Here, my client is suspended on the TRX with her forearms rested against a bench. This motion of training really builds the ab muscles! If you can do over 20 reps in one set, I would say you are starting to build some strong abs.

In conclusion, if you are doing sit-ups or any type of #core workout to burn stomach fat, I must say that you are really wasting your time. There are far better exercises to accomplish such tasks. However, if you are working your core muscles to really make your core strong, then you are working out intelligently. Though core muscles don't burn fat very effectively, without strong core muscles, you will have a hard time building your body strong and lean as a whole.

In fact, this leads me to consider what to write for my next blog: What are the core muscles good for? Til then, 안녕히 계세요~! 😊


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