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  • Tiger Joo

😊 Two Big Reasons Why My Fitness Center Is So Much Fun 😊

I moved to a new location from 2404 Wilshire Blvd to 4361 W. 3rd St in June, 2019. My new location has 2 distinct fun advantages which I wish to share here. 😎

1. Indoor Stairs

Gyms usually have stairmaster machines that people frequently use. Moreover, if they have happen to have indoor stairs, usually lots of people walk up and down them everyday. In my studio, I always keep the workouts 1:1 (maximum of 2:1) without others working out around us. So there are a variety of stair exercises I can make my clients do. I included the following video samples:

My client running up the stairs with a 25 lb wreck bag. 🐱‍🏍

3 laps of 5 sets

My client jumping up the stairs. 🐱‍👓

2 laps of 5 sets

You can imagine how fun these exercises can be when I mix them in with other challenging ones. In fact, these two clients have been with me for a long time already and have seen awesome results with their body. The female client especially developed very sexy legs! ✌

2. 20' Rope

Now, how many gyms and/or fitness centers can you say have a 20' rope attached from the ceiling? At my old place, I had a rope that went up 10' high. So it was pretty cool. But come on! 20 feet? Can you beat that? It's pretty freaking cool and fun to accomplish 💪:

My first male client to climb this high (almost the entire 20') 🐱‍🏍:

My first female client to climb this high (approximately 15' high) ✌:

For those of you reading this blog, I hope to have you as a guest one day. Cheers! 🙌