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This Is The "Single" Best Meal Plan I've Had For All My Clients And Myself

Unfortunately it seems to me that there are way too many false information that people search on the internet when they are trying to find the right #diet plan. The most common answers people tell me when dieting is to eat a lot of lean meats like chicken breast and stay away from carbs. However, most people don't realize that carbs are actually the most important nutrients to consume for the body. So neglecting carbs can actually hinder you from getting to your fitness goals. In this blog I am going to share with you what has worked for my clients who participated in the best meal plan program I have used so far, and that is Nutrisystem.

Sample of Nutrisystem's menu

Some may have heard of Nutrisystem already as it is a very large company. Nutrisystem works great for me, since all their foods have its #calories written on every single package, so you know exactly how many calories you are eating per day. I have said it before and will continue to say it again: Counting calories is the most important thing to do when losing weight. ☝ And if you go on Nutrisystem's program, you will always know exactly how many calories you are eating. For men, they provide 5 meals per day. For women, they provide 4 meals per day. Nutrisystem also has you to buy unlimited vegetables to go with your food so that you will eat the daily minimum caloric requirements. However, as for me I eat 5 meals of Nutrisystem and one meal freely of my choice, whether it be a Korean meal at a local restaurant or a hamburger from a fast food chain, etc.

And I wish to share my story of my success with Nutrisystem, as its menu program helped me lose approximately 20 lbs. As you can see from the two pictures below, just my face alone shows what 20 lbs can do to a person. 😬

16% bf 6% bf

It was hard for someone like me who never cooks to always find food that had low calories and eat within 4 - 6 meals a day. I would always buy sandwiches or burritos and eat half of each per meal, then I would leave again to buy snacks at a 7-11 nearby. Sometimes I would buy nuts and store them for snacks later. But doing this type of food search everyday was getting burdensome, and I never tracked my calories correctly. I recommended my clients who didn't mind eating non-Korean food (as 90% of my clients are Korean-American) to try Nutrisystem as I have seen it helped my clients in the past, but I always thought I didn't personally need it for myself. However, sometime around two years prior to writing this blog, I got so fed up with not being able to break a certain plateau of weight, I finally got on-board.

Nutrisystem is very convenient as you can order online and never have to go shopping anywhere for food. Some of the meals even taste really good and I was surprised by that in the beginning. 😋 The only criticism I have is that they can change the menu more often if possible. After eating Nutrisystem for nearly 2 years, much of the food has stayed the same and it can get old. Also, it would be nice if they added more spicier and Asian-inspired foods.

Bottom line, if you are considering a new diet plan, I highly recommend you try Nutrisystem. I would say that out of 10 of my clients who tried it to help with our training, 9 of them succeeded from it. Thank you, Nutrisystem. You have helped not only my clients to lose weight, but also myself. You are a valuable company! 👍👍


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