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This Diet Plan Will Not Fail You

We just had our Thanksgiving meal last week and now the Christmas and New Year's holidays are approaching. For those of you who are seriously trying to lose weight by the end of the year, yet are having a hard time succeeding, I suggest you start with my #dieting plan:


If you're seriously having a hard time losing weight,😬 the biggest reason will likely be your food intake. I have revealed in my prior blog about #calories and #calorie counting. If you're not keeping good track of your calories, you will never succeed in reaching your target weight. For now, to keep things simple multiply your goal weight x 14 (e.g. target weight: 125 x 14 = 1750). Then prepare your meal a day ahead so you will never exceed this number as this will be your new 👍maintenance calorie number👍. Also keep in mind that for women, daily caloric intake should never be less than 1200; for men, minimum calorie intake per day is 1600. The calories you eat should be within 4 - 6 meals a day and with foods you typically enjoy. Do not try to do any type of low carb dieting or limiting food intake after a certain time, etc. Eat what you enjoy throughout the day while limiting your calories. This method will be the only method that will help you💥 lose weight effectively 💥. So if you are a woman trying to reach 125 lbs., your daily caloric goal is 1200 - 1750 per day, eating up to 6 meals towards the evening.


Many people really stress themselves out when thinking about going on the scale. 😬However, this second part to my dieting strategy is very important. If you already are completing part 1 religiously everyday, then we should see a change on the scale or your waist size. For some, because of muscle gain, even though they are dieting correctly, their weight will not go down. If you are in such a case, measuring your waist around the navel line will let you know if you really are losing body fat.💪 If either your weight or waist size starts going up in numbers, then we definitely know you are not dieting correctly. This strategy especially helps people like me who enjoy having good food and drinks time to time. If I had a fun weekend during Thanksgiving 🍗🍷 (like last week), I probably had either way too much food or alcohol to keep my body fat level down. 🍾🥩😊 So when I go on the scale and notice that my weight is 3 lbs heavier than usual, I know I have to be careful the following days or my body fat will likely start going back up.


They say if you are dieting and exercising correctly, your weight should go down 1 - 2 pounds a week. As you weigh yourself every morning, set a weekly weigh-in time. For instance, mine is every Wednesday at 8am. Every morning on Wednesday, I will see if my weight dropped when trying to cut down on body fat. If the weight remains about the same as last week, it can mean that I have plateaued. In such a case, I will measure my waist around my navel to see if I lost any inches. If you are doing everything correctly yourself, you too should see progress every week. If the numbers don't change for you, then you should look over your diet to see if you are accurately counting your calories.

I hope these tips help. And cheers to your success~! ☝


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