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This Thigh and Butt Workout Will Shred Your Fat 💪

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

When you are looking for the best workout for #buttocks and #thighs 🏋️‍ I would say try to get creative. #Thigh and #butt workouts are the best workouts to burn #fat ever. Did you know that our butt muscles are the only muscles in the human body that can get bigger than chimpanzees and gorillas? 🙉 It is true. Chimps and (definitely) gorillas have muscles that are far greater than humans. But the butt muscles are the only muscles we have that can outgrow these animals. So if you need to look for exercises to make your buttocks bigger, you are definitely looking for an important change for your body.

In today's blog I wish to focus on two single leg exercises that can help you really tone up your #thighs, build your #butt, and burn a whole lot of #fat. One common exercise we know are #box_jumps. Jumping onto a box forces your body to use all its leg muscles to get up on top. From your calves to your butt, the body will need all its energy to jump onto a higher plane. 🙌 However, have you ever thought of doing box jumps with just one leg? You can mix things up by doing so, which can make this exercise more challenging and more fun to do. I include two sample videos of my clients accomplishing this exercise, which you can see below:

This woman is jumping onto a 12" box, single leg.

This athlete is jumping onto a 24" box, single leg.

I wish to include one other single leg #squat workout and this time it involves the use of the upper body with the lower body in one exercise. The name of the exercise is squat to #row. Again, you can use both legs to execute it, but just by using a single leg to accomplish this exercise you must use a lot of balance and concentration of muscles from the legs to be able to squat down and up. My client demonstrates the workout in my video below:

I hope just one small tip today can take your workouts to a whole new level. Til next time, cheers~! 👍


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