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Three Medicine Ball🎱kg & More Workouts

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

#Medicine #ball workouts are fun to do and you should incorporate them into yours to change up your exercises a bit. There are medicine ball work-outs for #abs, medicine ball workouts for #arms, medicine ball #full #body workouts and more. I'm sure you can find endless medicine ball exercises on YouTube. And I just wish to show some medicine ball workouts I do for my clients for fun in this blog. If you don't own a medicine ball, there are large selection of medicine balls on Amazon and another website which I visit often is Both places have great selections online and you can pick cheap medicine balls for good quality. 👍👍


There are a number of different #medicine #ball slam variations. These two clients come together for their work-out as I do #partner sessions, and here, they are demonstrating the medicine ball slam workout. Medicine ball floor slams are definitely a good #core work-out as the core muscles do the main work of lifting the ball from the ground and having the #abs crunch as you throw the ball hard against the ground. The best weight for medicine ball slams I would say is 15 lbs for women and 25 lbs for men. The stronger you are the more weight you can increase or the more reps you can do. It is also a definite #cardio work-out, as you can feel your heart pumping as you continue to throw. Also, the reason why these two are in the stairwell is because my workout space is on the 11th floor and I don't want my neighbors below getting angry at us. 😡

Here's another client doing the medicine ball floor slam. She made a beautiful flat stomach with me.


This medicine ball pass with partner exercise is one of the #full #body exercises I mentioned earlier. These two kids are tough fencing athletes 🤺 and I trained them recently to build upon their muscles for their sport. Here, they are really working their #thighs as both the medicine ball and the #Xvest are putting weight on their body as they #squat #jump backwards. For partner workout routines, this is definitely a fun one to try.


There are so many medicine ball #push-up variations that you can do, it may be a topic I may focus on a future blog. But for now I just wish to show that medicine balls, in general, have many variations of work-outs and push-ups are one of them. In this picture, my client is doing the "triangle push-up" on the medicine ball. For a woman to execute this exercise, it is very impressive to see. And if you would like to see another variation of this work-out, see my blog "Women & Push-Ups" I posted earlier.

That's all for today! 😎

See you on my next blog coming soon~! ✌


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