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My Knuckle Push-Up Challenge 😐

Former client performing push-ups with 3 medicine balls

I am very proud to say that I recently signed-up a new client who is now training with me for an action movie where she is one of the leading characters. The actress' name is Venus Dana, and she plays the role of a deadly assassin. Right now, the director wants her to be able to do knuckle #push-ups as there will be a scene of Venus performing this exercise. Unfortunately, her push-ups are at the moment very weak so we have to get her ready before the 14th of this month before she leaves to Atlanta, Georgia for filming. 😊

Knuckle push-ups are interesting since the wrists have to hold up the weight of your body while performing them. And for the wrists to remain stable, the forearm muscles need to be strengthened as well. Currently, Venus is coming twice a day when we focus on her upper-body workouts. And she has been improving greatly with both the push muscles and forearm muscles to develop and execute the knuckle push-ups.

As for me, I am confident we will get to her goal of performing this exercise and hope to display her video of doing them soon on my Instagram and Facebook. For now I leave you with one of my former clients who was able to do push-ups while balancing herself on two dumbbells and a medicine ball while wearing a 15 lb vest.😮

Let's out do this one Miss Dana! 💪 If you can do this exercise, you can definitely handle some good knuckle push-ups! 😎


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