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5 Interesting Benefits Of Having Very Strong Thighs & Butt

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

In my last post I gave an interesting way of working out your #thigh and #butt muscles. Today, I would like to share some extremely important benefits that you can have for the rest of your life if you keep your #thighs and butt strong. I always tell my clients that your thigh and butt muscles are the foundation of your entire body. 💪 This foundation helps keep your body strong in ways you may have never thought before and I will list 5 of them here.

1. The Thigh And Butt Muscles Burn The Most Calories To Keep Your Body Fat Down

The video below shows my client really working her thighs and butt by squatting and jumping up the stairs.

The reason why the thigh and butt muscles burn the most #calories is because of their sheer size. I mentioned in my earlier post that the butt muscles alone can outgrow chimpanzees and gorillas, so if we keep these muscles strong, then your body will burn lots of calories even at rest as these muscles continue to burn calories all throughout the day. In fact, when you have strong thigh and butt muscles, much of the food you eat will go straight to them as they need to be kept nourished. So always know that if you wish to keep your body fat down, never forget to work on your legs.

2. The Thigh And Butt Muscles Are Arguably The Best Muscles To Keep Your Cholesterol Level Down

According to the website WebMD, there is a direct link to exercise and low cholesterol: "One way exercise can help lower cholesterol is by helping you lose -- or maintain -- weight. Being overweight tends to increase the amount of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in your blood, the kind of lipoprotein that's been linked to heart disease." 😒

The website also notes that doing 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous exercise, such as "walking," 🏃‍ "jogging," "biking," 🚴‍ or "gardening" is recommended to keep the cholesterol levels down. Moreover, a 2002 study by researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that more intense exercise is actually better than moderate exercise for lowering cholesterol:

In a study of overweight, #sedentary people who did not change their diet, the researchers found that those who got moderate exercise (the equivalent of 12 miles of walking or jogging per week) did lower their LDL level somewhat. But the people who did more vigorous exercise (the equivalent of 20 miles of jogging a week) lowered it even more.
The people who exercised vigorously also raised their levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) -- the "good" kind of lipoprotein that actually helps clear cholesterol from the blood. "We found it requires a good amount of high intensity exercise to significantly change HDL," saysWilliam Kraus, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke and the lead author on the study. "Just walking is not enough."

As a trainer of working with countless people over the years, I must say that if you include intense #thigh and #butt workouts to your regimen, I am confident that you will produce much greater results than the equivalent of "20 miles of jogging a week." The thigh and butt muscles expend so much energy when being pushed, walking, jogging, nor biking can ever compare. Things such as #squatting, #lunging, #box_jumps, etc. will definitely help lower cholesterol than any other type of exercise that they mention in this article. So ultimately, I make the case that when lowering cholesterol, your thighs and #buttocks should do most of the work. 💪💪

3. Keeping The Thigh And Butt Muscles Strong Is One Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Heart Strong 💙

As I just mentioned, when you push your thigh and butt muscles to do work, and if you push them hard, they will need a lot of oxygen to get their energy going. Oxygen is one of the main fuels for your muscles to move. And if you haven't already guessed it, your blood is what brings oxygen to your muscles. Since the thigh and butt muscles are also so big compared to the other muscles of the body, they will need a whole lot more blood to keep moving. In order for them to continually receive such needed blood, the heart muscle needs to also do a lot of work. And if you stay consistent with your thigh and butt workouts I guarantee your heart muscle will stay strong to always do its important work of giving nurturing blood to the right places throughout your entire body.

4. Strong Thigh And Butt Muscles Can Help Your Teeth From Falling Out

Have you ever heard of the fact that unhealthy gums can lead to heart disease? 😬 In fact if you ever Google phrases about gum disease and heart disease, you will find that many dentists agree that the two are linked: unhealthy gums can lead to an unhealthy heart. I Googled a few different phrases related to "bad gums" and "healthy heart" and the following is an example of the results of my search:

Periodontal Disease and Heart Health - WebMD › Heart Disease › Feature StoriesIt puts you at greater risk for heart attack and stroke. Inflammation is also a sure sign of gum disease. Sore, swollen gums are the main symptom. ... Studies show that the bacteria found in periodontal disease -- including Streptococcus sanguis, which plays a role in strokes-- spreads to the heart.

Gum disease and heart disease: The common thread - Harvard Health 1, 2018 - For decades, researchers have probed the link between gum disease and cardiovascular health. Gum disease begins when the sticky, bacteria-laden film dentists refer to as plaque builds up around teeth. ... Many people with heart disease have healthy gums, and not everyone with gum disease develops heart problems.

Gum disease and the connection to heart disease - Harvard Health 13, 2018 - Why would cardiovascular disease and poor oral health be connected? A number ... The bacteria that infect the gums and cause gingivitis and ...

The surprising link between periodontal disease and heart health ... RH Gregg II - ‎Related articlesJan 30, 2017 - February is both Heart Health Month and Gum Disease Awareness Month ... In this scenario, bacteria found in infected gum tissue around teeth ...

Bleeding Gums Heart Disease - Gum Disease Heart Problems | Colgate › › Oral Care Center › Conditions › Heart DiseaseLearn how bleeding gums may affect heart disease and find information on how ... The Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health states that good oral health is ...

All the articles I find show that indeed poor gum health can lead to poor heart health, but did you know the opposite can be true as well? Yes. If your gums have poor blood circulation, then they will have a hard time staying healthy, and in the long run, can make your teeth fall out. When you exercise your thighs and butt properly, you make your heart strong, and by making your heart strong, blood circulation can improve within the gums as well (Dental Solutions article). So whenever you brush your teeth to keep them healthy always remember your thighs and buttocks can help out too. Don't neglect them muscles! 🤩

5. Strong Thigh And Butt Muscles Can Seriously Prevent Dementia

Strong thing and butt muscles can seriously prevent dementia?? 😮 Yes. If you work out your thighs and butt regularly you greatly decrease the chances of having dementia. How is this possible you say? Again, the heart, the legs, and the brain are linked together just as the heart, the legs, and the gums are linked together. When you have a healthy heart pumping blood in a healthy manner everyday, your brain is part of your body's system that gets all those nutrients from the blood and disposes waste (if any) when the blood travels back to the heart for recycling. A big part of dementia happens when your brain starts to lose such vital work from the heart and your heart fails to stay strong when your muscles such as your thighs and butt fail to stay strong. So again: Please don't neglect them muscles!! 🙌💪😁

Til next time, keep on squatting!! 🏋️‍


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