As founder of Tiger's Law, I will focus on its three principles to affect great changes to your life and future:


Playing On Bed


When you wake up everyday, you start your entire day with the first thoughts you have before you even get up.

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How well do you know your own thoughts? 



Personal Training with me can revolutionize your thinking in the most positive ways.


Energy will be spent here to help you become the best of the best. By increasing your energy time spent with me, it will help you release energy in the most positive ways outside, in the real world--in everyday life.  It doesn't matter what type of background you have. From athletes to business leaders, I help everyone become his or her best!!


This was my client's body in the beginning of our training, then in the end. It took just 20 sessions, twice a week. You can read my Yelp reviews to see countless cases of people like her who worked with me and succeeded.

Here is the link:

This was my client on the right of the photo. He placed 3rd North American Cup, 2016. I helped 3 young athletes get into Div.1 schools, all Ivy League, for their sport. They went from average players to champions after years of training with me.

Ultimately, it is my goal to change all my clients in a very holistic way. The way your body is shaped today has a lot to do with your mindset and the way you spend energy on a daily basis. Come train with me to explore the different ways we can improve upon your body. It will be a tough challenge, but a very rewarding one to those who succeed!

Normally, when people think of change from personal training, they only think about their bodies. But training with me will be 100% holistic. So my goal is to make your whole life change for the better once you sign up.